Whiskey Bar Museum

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Cafe Louise - Natural food coffee chain

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Beach Food restaurant

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Since day one, branded as the most prestiege place for culinary studies in israel

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Fresh, hipster pasta bar from famous Israeli chef Avi Bitton in Los Angeles

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A Journey on the ancient silk road to modern kitchen

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Fresh sushi & japanese street cuisine

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Food market - Dining room Concept & Branding

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A new edgy street food concept developing & branding

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Be creative, create your own taste, or choose a crazy, huge sandwich in a 1st of its kind culinary project

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We’re experts in developing concept, strategy and branding for the culinary industry


And most of all, we’re crazy about food…

Our Services



Let’s be honest. You’re opening a new restaurant or food business in a world where no one who’s asked “what’s missing in your life?” will answer “more food.” We’re bombarded with more and more options every single day, and each bite just gets better and better. And yet there’s always room for new and exciting places with creative food, innovative drinks, and an unbeatable atmosphere. You just have to think harder. Know more. Invent better. Or call us.



So we’ve got a great, exciting concept. Before we go on, we have to make sure the audience will be as excited by it as we are. We need to understand the opportunities according to its location, characteristics, market trends, and buzz potential. When you merge a good strategy with a great concept, your odds skyrocket. And we’re ready to move forward.


Branding & Visual identity

At this point, we know who we are, why we are and what our USP is, so we can finally start the fun part – the design, style, and creative work. In the Cookoo studio, we work with a vast network of artists, graphic designers, stylists, illustrators, photographers, and copywriters inside and outside our studio. This is how we make sure we always stay fresh, original, outstanding, and precise.


Customer Experience

Small creative details make all the difference. Of course the customers don’t see our full brand presentations, so we have to grab their attention with all the small gestures that make up a great customer experience, making sure that every tasty bite puts all the right words in their mouth.